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Q: How do I deposit?
A: In order to make a deposit to LIVE CASINO HOUSE you first need to register your own account. If you don’t have an account with LIVE CASINO HOUSE yet, you can register by clicking on the signup button on the home page. After you have registered your account, log in and click the ‘Make a deposit’ button, which you can find under ‘Your balance’ in the top right hand corner on each page. When you have chosen the method that suits you best you enter the relevant account information and the funds will be credited to your account according to the time stated in the information. Most of our deposit methods are instant!
Q: Are there any fees for depositing?
A: We apply a card fee of 2.25%. Other payment options are free of charge. You can find more information on the deposit page.
Q: Which deposit options do you accept?
A: LIVE CASINO HOUSE supports many payment options; everything from debit and credit cards to instant banking, e-wallets, prepaid cards and mobile payments.
Q: Why did my deposit fail?
A: There are many possible reasons for a declined deposit. Among the most common reasons are insufficient funds and incorrectly entered details. Please check your details or contact our support team for deposit assistance.
Q: What is a CVV2 code?
A: CVV2 code stands for Card Verification Value code and is a security feature for credit or debit card transactions, providing increased protection against credit card fraud. You will be required to enter this code as a security measure at every transaction.
Q: How do I withdraw money from LIVE CASINO HOUSE?
A: You request a withdrawal under ‘My account’, where you select ‘Withdrawal’ and then the method you wish to use. Please note that your deposit and withdrawal option must be the same. LIVE CASINO HOUSE does impose a [€5] fee for withdrawals of less than [€50]. Withdrawals of [€50] or more are free of charge. In addition, your financial institution may charge a fee for the transaction.
Q: How long does it take for me to get my money?
A: It depends on the payment solution. A card withdrawal typically takes between two and five working days. A bank payment is either instant or will take up to three working days whilst e-wallet withdrawals are instant. A pay-out to an e-wallet is instant once processed.
Q: Why isn’t my valid card available for withdrawal?
A: If your card is not displayed in the withdrawal list, it is likely because your card is about to expire. In order to avoid any hassles with your withdrawal, we would like to encourage you to use a new card.