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Q: What happens when my game is disconnected in the middle of a casino round?
A: If a slot game gets disconnected or stuck while spinning, the round will be completed even though you have been discounted/are not in the game. Any winnings will automatically be added to your player account. If free spins are won, you will be able to continue the round and the free spins will still be available!
Q: Is the Casino guaranteed to be fair?
A: At LIVE CASINO HOUSE we believe in Fair Play, and our customers’ satisfaction with their gaming experience. While the unpredictable nature of gaming is the very reason players are drawn to it, it also means that on some occasions guests experience very good fortune and on other occasions they don’t. Our business partners and suppliers are of the highest calibre and we only work with people who share our passion for fair gaming. All our casino game results are generated by a computerized Random Number Generator (RNG).
Q: Do you offer any bonuses?
A: We offer different types of bonuses, such as Deposit Bonuses, which include First Deposit Bonuses and Locked Bonuses. For more information about the bonuses we offer please click here.
Q: What are bonus wagering requirements?
A: Each type of bonus comes with its own individual wagering requirement. The original bonus amount needs to be turned over (wagered) a set amount of times (usually 40) before that bonus is turned into real cash. You can find the specific wagering requirements for each bonus on the bonus page.

If at any time you wish to withdraw your cash (according to terms and conditions) you may choose to forfeit your bonus without reaching any wagering requirements and proceed with a cash withdrawal.

Q: How long are my purchased bonuses valid for?
A: Deposit Bonuses and Free Rounds purchased from the LIVE CASINO HOUSE shop will expire after 30 days. Spin Credits purchased from the LIVE CASINO HOUSE shop must be used within 48 hours and any winnings from Spin Credits will expire after 30 days.